WHAT CLIENTS HAVE HAD TO SAY....(names have been changed, of course)


"Working with Amy was great, having someone to talk to about whatever was on my mind was an invaluable resource when I was feeling down. Without her I don't know if I would have recovered and be where I am today." - Matt, 18



"When going through a difficult time in your life – work or home life – deciding to see a therapist is a big decision.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune to lie on someone’s “couch” to talk about everything I’ve done in my life – I wanted to get to the heart of the challenges and work through them.  From our first meeting I found Amy’s pragmatic approach was exactly what I wanted.  She showed empathy and understanding, then added a straight-forward logic to help me identify my own ways to address my difficulties.  I highly recommend Amy for anyone needing a therapist for a confidential chat or to sort through very difficult feelings or situations". - Beth, 33



"From our first meeting, Amy managed to strike a perfect balance between actively listening and letting me explore the ideas of what I was saying myself, and providing me with helpful, practical tools to manage the challenges I was facing. I always leave our sessions feeling like I have gained something, and motivated to meet the challenges she has given me". - Simon, 26



"I had spoken to other counsellors, but until I met Amy no one had helped me to help myself.  The lessons and techniques Amy has shared have drastically improved my situation.  For the first time in years I feel I can address the things that have held me back in the past". - Jeff, 24



"As someone who found it very difficult to talk about their feelings and emotions it was a huge decision to seek counselling. From the very beginning Amy listened, offered practical and useful tools to understand and manage things that at first seemed so overwhelming and she never ever judged. Thanks to Amy I feel like me again and much better equipped to understand and help myself". - Jen, 38